9th Birthday Party Ideas

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The older children get, the harder it is to come up with birthday party ideas. At age nine, character parties are no longer cool. Pirate themes have usually been used up by now. So what is a parent to do? Well luckily this article is going to provide you with some fun and unique Birthday party ideas that you can use when your child turns nine.

Game Show Party

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Kids may not like to watch their parents soap opera's, but they will sit in on some game shows. Since children at the age of nine become more interested in playing games, it only makes sense to throw a game show birthday party. Parents can make up some games for the children to play based on real game shows. First, parents can have the children play "Family Feud." Five children will be on each team. Parents can get some kid friendly questions and answers by watching the TV show or by looking them up on an online game version. The game is played the same way as on television and the team with the most points wins. Second, parents can have the children play "Lets Make a Deal." Three boxes need to be set up with two silly prizes and one cool prize. Each box should have a door. The children can all sit together like an audience and a parent can pretend to be the host. The parent can then say something like, "The first child to bring me a pencil is the first contestant on 'Lets Make a Deal.'" Then the parent can offer the child a present or a chance to open one of the boxes. You can play this game as long as you have prizes for it.

Magic Show Party

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At the age of nine, children can sit for longer periods of time. This is the perfect age to hire a magician and have a magic show birthday party. If parents choose this type of party they will want to be sure that they hire a magician who includes the children in their act. Parents can then purchase some gag gifts (tricks) as party favors such as gum that turns your mouth blue. The birthday cake can be decorated with a bunny coming out of a top hat. Parents could also purchase a pinata and give each child a magician's wand to break the pinata open. Just make sure that the children know they should not attempt any crazy stunts at home, and remind them that the magician was trained to do his tricks safely.

Mystery Birthday Party

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Because children are capable of reading mystery books by the age of nine, it is a great age to hold a mystery birthday party. Parents can use Sherlock Holmes as their decoration. Sherlock can decorate the invitation cards as well as the birthday cake. Parents can hide clues in Balloons and throughout the house that will help solve the mystery. When children arrive they can work in groups or alone. (Working in small groups is a lot more fun.) Whichever group can come up with the answer first wins a cool prize. It could be a Sherlock Holmes novel or movie. Once the mystery is solved, the children can settle down to play a game of Clue. Children can also opt to make their own mystery for the parents to solve. This type of party is sure to be a hit.