Olay Regenerist Vs. Definity

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From its beginnings with Olay Beauty Fluid to the multiple product lines targeted at different ages and skin types, Olay has created skin products for those of all ages. Two of its anti- and reverse-aging product lines include Definity and Regenerist. While each have some similar goals in terms of wrinkle reduction, they vary in active ingredients and available products.


Olay Regenerist and Definity are product lines created by the Olay company that are designed to moisturize the skin to improve its appearance. However, each differs in terms of the reason why a person would use either product line. Regenerist products are for those wishing to achieve firmer, more wrinkle-free skin while Definity products are designed to brighten the skin and diminish signs of aging—such as dark spots.


In the Regenerist line, product choices include the Daily Regenerating Cleanser, which removes dead skin cells while stimulating cell growth on the skin's surface; Micro-Sculpting Cream, which is intended to moisturize the skin while firming it; and night cream, which provides deeper moisturizing at night for those with combination, normal or dry skin.

The Definity line includes a variety of products, including the Illuminating Night Cream Cleanser, which is designed to gently remove dead skin cells while moisturizing and the Correcting Protective Lotion with SPF 15, which is designed to offer sun protection while diminishing age spots. Other products include Night Restorative Sleep Cream, Intense Hydrating Cream, Neck and Chest Daily Restoration, Color Recapture Moisturizer and Deep Penetrating Foaming UV Moisturizer.


The active ingredient in Regenerist is niacinamide, which is also known as vitamin B3. When applied topically, this nutrient works to reduce lines and wrinkles, age spots and sallow skin. The active ingredients in the Definity line is essential glucosamine complex. This complex is designed to moisturize the skin, then stimulates collagen production in the skin, making it appear more young and supple.

Expert Insight

The official Olay product site contains a product matcher that allows you to determine what product line is best for you. Considerations include age, desired outcome, skin type (such as sensitive or oily) and level of discoloration (such as redness, age spots or blotches). Definity is most often indicated for those whose chief skin concern is to reduce blotchiness, age spots or discoloration while Regenerist may be more suitable for those hoping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


While both the Olay and Regenerist product lines will leave your skin feeling softer and share commonalities in regard to overall effects, the Regenerist line contains three chief options that can be purchased and used together without the need for additional products. The Definity line features multiple product choices, which may be better indicated for a person who enjoys variety in her skincare line, such as using a separate cleanser and moisturizer for night and day. The products also can be cross-utilized if a person prefers the sun protection of Definity and the collagen stimulation of Regenerist products.