Healthy Snacks With Cashews

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When it comes to healthy snacks, cashews are an excellent choice. A 1-oz. serving of cashews -- about 18 nuts -- contains 160 calories and 4 g of protein. Cashews are lower in fat than most nuts, with a total of 13 g per 1-oz. serving, and the fats are mostly heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with very little unhealthy saturated fats. Cashews are also rich in magnesium.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a satisfying, portable treat just right for tossing in a backpack or purse. Provide several bowls of healthy trail mix add-ins, and let your family create their own individual trail mix blends. The nearly endless list of possibilities includes cashews, sunflower seeds, dried raisins, cranberries or bananas, dry breakfast cereal, coconut, carob chips, pretzel sticks, fish-shaped crackers, pretzels or additional nuts such as peanuts, walnuts or almonds.

Roasted Cashews

Cashews roasted with savory seasonings and a touch of sweetness make a flavorful snack that both adults and kids can enjoy. Roast cashews in a preheated oven for about 10 minutes. While the nuts are roasting, mix olive oil or melted butter, brown sugar and sea salt with small amounts of cayenne pepper or chili powder and chopped rosemary. Mix the hot cashews with the mixture, and then serve the cashews warm.

Mixed Bowl

Cashews mixed with cheese and fruit is a simple but satisfying between-meal snack. Place a few cashews in a small bowl, then add dice-sized cubes of cheese such as cheddar, Colby or mozzarella, along with fresh berries or apple slices. You can also add a few fish-shaped, whole-grain or cheese crackers.

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is flavorful and handy to spread on bread, fruit or crackers, but the smooth treat is often expensive. Make your own cashew butter in a blender by combining cashews with canola oil and sea salt. Use the cashew butter any way you would use peanut butter. Store cashew butter in the refrigerator, as cashews have a short shelf life and turn rancid quickly at room temperature.