Healthy Snacks to Take on Long Flights

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Many airlines have cut back on their complimentary snacks, leaving you with the option of bringing your own food or buying the high-priced option offered by the airline. Be prepared with healthy in-flight snack options that will not bother other passengers and meet the Transportation Security Administration rules.

Just Add Water

Some varieties of soups and oatmeal come in containers and are dry until you add water. Taking these on the plane provide you with a high-fiber, hot snack option. Ask your flight attendant for a cup of hot water and a spoon when you are ready to eat. Generally, you can just pour the hot water into the packaging, stir and then let it sit for a few minutes. Choose soups that are vegetable-based and low in sodium to increase its healthy benefits.

Dry Cereal with Nuts

Mix a cup of whole grain cereal of your choice in a plastic bag with your favorite nuts. You can nibble on this snack throughout the plane flight. Choose a whole grain cereal that contains at least 5 or more grams of fiber. The combination of protein in the nuts and the fiber in the cereal fills you up and helps you stay full for the entire flight.

Cup of Whole Grains

Cook a cup of whole grain pasta, brown rice or quinoa the night before your flight. Use olive oil and salt-free seasonings to add flavor, and pack the cooked whole grains in a plastic container. This snack helps you get fiber while you travel as well as some plant-based protein. Also, whole grains contain vitamins and minerals that are part of an overall healthy diet, such as B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

Preparing for Your Flight

Snacks that contain sauces or liquids, such as vegetable dip, must be contained in plastic containers in less than 3-ounce servings and kept in zip-tip bags to pass through airport security. When packing in-flight snacks, avoid foods with intense smells such as eggs, fish or bacon that could be unpleasant for other passengers on the plane.