Calories in Nasi Goreng

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Nasi goreng is a popular Indonesian rice dish with a spicy kick. It consists of flavored fried rice mixed with shrimp and either chicken or pork. The rice, cooking oil, egg and meat are all high calorie ingredients in nasi goreng.

Total Calories

The nasi goreng cooking paste contains around 90 calories per serving, based on figures from the USDA's MyFood-a-pedia website. The fried rice with pork, shrimp and other ingredients equals 650 calories. Overall, a main meal portion of nasi goreng contains about 740 calories.


According to a recipe on the BBC website, nasi goreng contains several ingredients per serving. The paste used for flavoring contains 1/2 a clove garlic, 1/2 a shallot, 1/4 oz. of peanuts, a small chili, less than a teaspoon of palm sugar and a little vegetable oil. The rice contains 2 1/4 oz. of rice, 1 fluid oz. of chicken broth, 2 oz. pork, 1/2 oz. of shrimp, a large spring onion, a 1-inch piece of cucumber, 1 tbsp. oil and an egg.


Using chicken instead of pork could reduce the amount of calories in nasi goreng by 48. Adding an extra tablespoon of soy sauce raises the calories by 8. A teaspoon of generic chili sauce contains 15 calories.