How to Eat Alligator

by Food & Drink Editor

How to Eat Alligator. Alligator meat is a healthy alternative to beef and chicken. Most meat from an alligator comes from the tail. The taste of alligator can be likened to chicken and fish, and the meat can be prepared by a variety of methods. If you're ready to broaden your palate and eat a little alligator meat, here are a few suggestions for you.

Choose the meat from the tail of the alligator. This will taste more like chicken or pork. Meat from the body of the alligator is darker and tougher, with a more pronounced taste.

Grind the alligator meat to make patties that can be grilled on the barbecue. These are cooked the same way as ground beef hamburger patties, and the same condiments go well with the alligator.

Fry the alligator meat by cutting into strips, dipping in buttermilk and coating with flour. Place the meat in the deep fryer and fry until golden brown, about 4 minutes.

Chop the meat into cubes and saute them in a skillet. Serve them like a taco with tortillas, shredded cheeses and lettuce. Add a little taco sauce if desired.


  • Freeze alligator meat for up to six months. The fillet of an alligator is located in a cylinder portion of the tail. This piece of meat is very tender and is extremely juicy. Alligator is similar to chicken in taste, with a little firmer texture. Try your favorite chicken seasonings and sauces when preparing alligator as a way of introducing yourself to the new taste.

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