Shampoo for Extremely Damaged Hair

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When your hair is extremely damaged, it needs a shampoo that contain proteins, emollients and humectants, according to the website Aphogee. A shampoo for extremely damaged hair needs to have a gentle formula so that it does not cause further damage. Some shampoos can strip the oils from you hair, making it more brittle, according to the website Free Beauty Tips. Finding the right shampoo for your hair requires a little research.


Your hair is composed of a protein called keratin that is held together by peptide bonds. It is the peptide bonds that are responsible for keeping your hair strong and elastic, according to the website Salon Web. Frequent styling with harsh hair products, using heated styling tools and overprocessing your hair break the peptide bonds and leave your hair weak, brittle and damaged.

Shampooing Your Hair

You should not wash your damaged hair too often; frequent shampooing can make your hair more brittle, causing further damage. Try to reduce your shampooing to once or twice a week, according to Free Beauty Tips.

Emu Oil

Emu oil has omega 3 fatty acids that can provide moisture and help repair your damaged hair. A shampoo containing emu oil can help restore your hair to the 8 percent moisture content rate it is supposed have, according to the Healthy Hair Plus website. The natural anti-inflammatory properties in emu oil can add body and volume to damaged hair. Emu oil can help to make damaged hair soft and manageable.

Olive Oil And Rosemary

A shampoo containing a combination of olive oil and rosemary can provide conditioning properties to your damaged hair. The olive oil can nourish and protect your hair shafts, and the natural antioxidants contained in rosemary provide extra protection, according to the website Granny

Coconut and Avocado

Coconut and avocado are loaded with antioxidants that can help to protect damaged hair. The oils penetrate the hair shaft, which might protect and seal the cuticle, according to Granny Med. Using a shampoo with coconut, avocado or both can provide the moisture content your damaged hair needs.

Shampoo Choices

There are a wide variety of shampoos that contain ingredients that can help damaged hair. A few are Emu Oil shampoo by Healthy Hair Plus, which contains emu oil and other ingredients to help damaged hair; Nexus Therapy Luxurious Shampoo, which contains rosemary and natural oils; and Nexus Diametress Luscious Volumizing Shampoo, which contains avocado oil.