The Calories in an Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich

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A typical ice cream sandwich includes one long block of vanilla ice cream wedged between two chocolate wafers or cookies. The calories for the ice cream sandwich include both the ice cream and the wafers.


An ice cream sandwich typically contains 180 calories. Forty of these calories are from fat, 124 from carbohydrates and 15 from protein.

Nutritional Information

One ice cream sandwich contains 2.5 g of saturated fat, 10 mg of cholesterol and 150 mg of sodium. The ice cream sandwich also contains 4 percent of the daily recommended value for vitamin A and 8 percent of the recommended value for calcium.


The sugar content in a typical ice cream sandwich is high at 16 g per serving. states that eating too much sugar may result in tooth decay and obesity. Sugar feeds bacteria in the mouth that cause the tooth decay. Sugar adds significant amount of calories to food, and these increased calories may cause weight gain if the diet is not properly balanced.