3 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles You Can Create Yourself

by Anna Liesemeyer ; Updated October 17, 2017

Doing your own hair to attend a special event or wedding can be completely intimidating, so I thought I would share some hairstyles I have tried on my own hair recently that worked for a quick and easy solution.

With each of these hairstyles, prep your hair by creating ready-to-go waves. Using a medium barrel curling iron, wrap section by section around the wand starting at the top and hold. Do not clip. Finish with hairspray or texturizer for hold.

Twist and Wrap Pony
1. Add waves and texturizer or hairspray (see above).
2. Gather into a side ponytail and secure with a hairband.
3. Separate the hair in two above the hairband.
4. Flip ponytail under and through the hole.
5. Pull the ponytail up to tighten.
6. Pull out sections of the twisted sections for full, looser look.
7. Take a section of hair behind the ponytail and wrap around the hairband. Secure with a bobby pin. Now you’re ready to go!

This is a simple spin on the good old topsy tail. I wore this style to a wedding last weekend and it lasted all night. Hairspray doesn’t hurt either.

Double Crown Braid
1. Add waves and texturizer or hairspray (see above).
2. Take a 1 inch section from behind each ear and braid all the way down.
3. Pull the first side over around your ear and to the other side of your head and secure with bobby pins. Place those pins through the braid so they don’t show.
4. Do the same with the second side, securing the braids to each other with more bobby pins.
5. Bring the hair over the sides so ends don’t show. Hairspray to secure.
6. For an alternate version, swoop hair to the side for a side pony look.

So easy, but really elegant, fun, and will last all night! However, if your hair is silky straight make sure to use lots of hairspray.

Floral Twist Up
1. Add waves and texturizer or hairspray (see above).
2. Gather your hair back and start to roll the ends up (facing ceiling).
3. Continue to roll until you reach the base of your neck.
4. Use multiple bobby pins to secure the twisted sections to the back of your head. I place them behind the front of the roll so they can’t be seen.
5. Hairspray to hold.
6. Using a floral strand or floral crown (I folded my wire crown in half), place inside the twist up and secure with more bobby pins.

This can be bridal, for a bridesmaid, or even if you are attending a nice event. Works for day or night!

Which look do you like best? Be sure to let us know if you give it a try! Would love to see the results!

All photos by Kathryn McCrary Photography

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