Calories in Bowtie Pasta

Farfalle bows italian pasta

Volodymyr Krasyuk/iStock/Getty Images

Noodles cinched in the middle in the shape of an old-fashioned bow tie are an excellent way to make pasta night a little more fancy. Although whole-wheat and white noodles have the same calorie count, opt for the whole-wheat pasta because it has more fiber for a heart-healthy meal.

Wheat Vs. White

A 2-ounce serving of bow tie pasta -- which is equivalent to 3/4 cup dry or 1 1/4 cups cooked -- has 210 calories whether you choose whole-wheat or white noodles. But whole-wheat noodles have much more dietary fiber than white -- 6 grams vs. 2 grams -- and 2 grams more protein at 9 grams. Both types of pasta have 1 gram of fat per serving, so the calories from fat are negligible.

Keeping It Light

Whole-wheat bow tie pasta is an easy ingredient for a healthy meal. Mix cooked noodles with sauteed vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil, or top them with marinara sauce and a sprinkle of low-fat Parmesan cheese.