Is It Possible to Improve Hair Texture & Shine With Vitamins?

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Most people have that one friend who seems immune to bad hair days, while others regularly deal with tangled tresses or dull, damaged locks. But instead of getting jealous, focus on cultivating your own healthy-hair diet. Believe it or not, hair is a great reflection of a person's overall state of health. Start eating a diet rich in certain vitamins and minerals and taking a few specific supplements, and you'll notice some significant improvements to your hair's shine, texture and overall health.

Eating Your Way to Healthy Hair

Glamour suggests eating salmon to improve your overall hair texture (see reference 2). It is rich in protein, which promotes hair strength and helps prevent breakage (see reference 2). For a side dish, sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on a salad to aid growth and banish brittle strands (see reference 3). Top the salad off with a few slices of avocado, which contains biotin, a shine-enhancing vitamin that is often an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners (see reference 1). Eggs are another great source of biotin (see reference 2). When you're on the go, snack on walnuts. They protect hair follicles from sun rays that can be detrimental to texture (see reference 2).

Supplements to Consider

Daily vitamins and supplements can help fill in the holes of your diet if you're not a huge fan of the hair-healthy foods listed above (see reference 1). HuffPost Style recommends daily dosages of B-complex vitamins (biotin is one of these; others include niacin and cobalamin) (see reference 1). All aid in keeping your locks lustrous and thick (see reference 1). Vitamin D is also essential to hair follicle cycling; taking it daily may be especially important for those who live in areas where sunlight is limited (see reference 1).