How to Use a Pedicure Set

Child pedicure and nail polish

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When funds are tight, heading to the beauty salon for a pedicure may not be in your budget. Invest in a good-quality pedicure set to save money when it comes to your foot beautifying indulgence. By caring for your feet at home, you can skip the salon while still maintaining smooth and polished feet that are sandal-ready. Each item in the pedicure kit has an important role in giving you beach-worthy feet.

Soak your feel for five minutes in a basin filled with warm water and a few drops of mineral oil. This softens both the skin on your feet and your toenails in preparation for grooming. Softer nails and skin make for easier clipping and moisturizing.

Cut your toenails straight across with the clippers. Rounding your nails with the clippers can result in painful ingrown toenails. Your toenail clippers should be sharp enough to clip the nail in one pass. Never pull or tear at your toenails.

File jagged edges away with your toenail file. If desired, file down the edges of your nails for a more rounded look without the danger of ingrown toenails. Use the file to smooth out jagged skin around the toenail as well.

Push cuticles down with an orange stick or use the edge of your nail file to smooth out cuticles, but never clip cuticles. Cuticles help protect your nails, and clipping them away could allow infection to penetrate your nail beds. Pushing them down helps give the nail a clean appearance without putting you at risk.

Use a pumice stone to reduce dry skin around the pads of the toes and on the heels. The skin around these areas is typically thick and dry due to frequent abuse. A pumice stone gently sloughs away the dead skin cells that make these areas rough. When finished, soothe the foot by applying a peppermint foot cream. You can also use the smooth side of a pumice stone to gently polish the nails for a smoother look.

Coat your toenails with nail polish, if desired. A coat of clear nail polish will help add strength without using color on your toes. Add a top coat and allow to dry before you resume regular activities.