Hairstyles That Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

schafar/iStock/Getty Images

Fine, limp hair can be challenging to style, but with the proper products and techniques, you can achieve a thicker mane that actually boasts some bounce. The key is knowing where you need height and volume, while mastering the ability to backcomb. With these tricks you can make fine hair look thicker in a matter of minutes.

Teased Tresses

Starting with the crown, pull a 2- to 3-inch section of hair straight up. Place a flat brush behind it near the roots, and then drag the brush downward in short, quick pulls. You'll end up with little nests around your entire head. Carefully smooth out only the top outermost strands to hide the nests underneath, and then wear your hair down in the desired style.

Curly Mane

Use a clampless curling iron to curl your entire head. Flip your head over and finger comb the curls. Be careful not to separate them too much -- it's best to place your fingers on the scalp and gently massage the roots to loosen the strands. Flip your head upright and spray with finishing spray. Pull one side back in a clip if desired.

Texturized Ponytail

Spray hair texturizer onto your roots when while your hair is still wet; spread a volumizing mousse onto your fingertips and apply to your entire head. Flip your head over and blow-dry your hair without using a brush. When dry, gather your hair into a ponytail with your head still flipped over. The result is a thicker-looking ponytail that lasts all day.