Meal Plans for Clean Eating

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Most diets come with a mile-long list of foods you can and can't eat. Proponents of "clean eating" claim it's not a diet because nothing is off-limits -- as long as it's real food. Clean eating is focused on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and whole-grains and excludes processed or refined items. Although making the switch to clean eating may be an adjustment, your taste buds will quickly adapt and you'll find yourself relishing the flavor of fresh foods.


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Unfortunately, classic breakfast staples such as bacon and sausage aren't compatible with a clean diet because they are heavily processed and packed with nitrates. Breakfast doesn't have to be bland and boring, however. Scramble eggs with milk and cheese. Include sauteed potatoes, peppers and onions in olive oil for a healthy version of hash browns. Make a tasty banana split by slicing a banana length-wise and topping it with a scoop of cottage cheese or plain yogurt, pineapple, strawberries and nuts. If you are in a hurry, throw plain yogurt, berries, fruit and a bit of spinach and avocado into the blender for a nutritious smoothie.


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Whole-grain bread and tortillas are key ingredients for a quick, clean lunch, but you'll have to skip the cold cuts and mayonnaise. Stack fiber-rich bread high with thinly sliced zucchini, onions, peppers and mushrooms. Use mashed avocado in place of condiments. To save time on lunch preparation, bake several grass-fed turkey or chicken breasts and keep them in the refrigerator. Slice the meat thinly for a sandwich filling. Other lunch options include a vegetable omelet, whole-grain pita with hummus and made-from-scratch vegetable soup.


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Try to include a whole-grain, lean protein, produce, a healthy fat and low-fat dairy into your supper. For instance, you might top spaghetti squash with grass-fed ground turkey sauteed in olive oil, homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Or, you could have a small serving of lean, grass-fed steak with steamed vegetables, a sweet potato and a tall glass of milk. Have a bowl of berries for a sweet end to a healthy meal.

Snacks and Dessert

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You can still enjoy munchies and sweet treats when eating clean. Snack on carrot sticks, celery and a handful of nuts when you are craving something savory. Drizzle peach halves with honey and bake until soft for a special dessert.

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