The Best Way to Get Yellow Out of Gray Hair

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Those who decide to embrace their gray locks rather than fight them may find that their silver tresses require quite a bit of care. One issue that affects many gray-haired individuals is the development of a slight yellowish hue. Although the exact cause of yellowing is unknown, some theories include pollution, hair product residue and even age-related pigment changes.

Clarify or Counteract

The best way to get the yellow tinge out of gray hair is using a twofold approach to first remove as much of it as possible, and then disguise the remainder. First, remove as much of the yellowing as possible by switching to a clarifying shampoo, followed by the application of a clarifying conditioner. If the yellow persists, you can disguise it by applying a whitening shampoo that is designed for gray hair. These shampoos contain a blue or purple tint that counteracts the yellow coloring. To apply a whitening shampoo, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons with your standard clarifying shampoo and wash your hair as normal. If you notice your hair developing a purple hue, reduce the amount of whitening shampoo that you mix in, or use it less frequently.