How to Whiten Yellow Toenails

Toenails can sometimes become yellow and unsightly. Your first thought may be to cover up yellow toenails with nail polish. However, your nail polish may be the cause of your yellowing toenails. Constantly painting your toenails with nail polish can sometimes stain them, resulting in yellow toe nails. If you do not paint your nails often, you may have an infection or fungus growing on your toenails. If this is the case, you should see your doctor. Before resorting to possibly harsh prescriptions to cure your yellow toenails, consider using a gentler approach first.

Remove all traces of nail polish using nail polish remover. You can use either acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover. Keep in mind that non-acetone nail polish removers are less damaging to your nails.

Mix 1 tbsp. of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 2 1/2 tbsp. of baking soda in a small bowl. It should have a paste-like consistency. If it is too thin, add more baking soda.

Cover each toenail with the mixture using a cotton swab. Make sure to push some of the paste under the nails.

Allow mixture to stand for three minutes. Do not rub or remove the mixture during this time.

Rinse off the mixture using warm water.

Repeat treatment every six to eight weeks.