1980s-Themed Centerpieces

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The 1980s have come and gone, but there are still plenty of people who think the decade was "like, totally awesome." Capture the spirit of the era by creating 1980s-themed centerpieces. Bring to life the trends of the times by focusing on its movies, TV shows, music, popular colors and other fads.


From "Miami Vice" to "Sixteen Candles," a few movies and TV shows created pop culture movements in the decade and made the 1980s what it was. Use these as inspiration for your 80s-themed centerpieces. Pick one show or movie to highlight each table. For example, a "Pretty in Pink" centerpiece can include a bouquet of pink flowers with a VHS copy of the movie blossom out as well. Find a vintage lunchbox depicting a TV show to place as decoration or use cartoon-inspired stuffed animals or action figures from the time in the design. Framed movie posters and celebrity head shots can also be used to carry the 1980s theme.


Orange, yellow, pink and green were all colors best displayed in neon during the 1980s and could be seen everywhere from jelly shoes to fingerless gloves. Capture this bright trend in your centerpiece by incorporating neon-colored flowers. These probably won't be natural, although blossoms such as the carnation sometimes come in dyed hues, as do silk flowers. Use glow sticks to add more neon. These colorful, liquid-filled sticks glow in a variety of fluorescent colors. Make a bouquet of them in a small vase or lay them out on the table for guests to play with.


Madonna, Michael Jackson and Billy Idol were a few musicians who made it big during the 1980s and created a soundtrack to the era. Create '80s-themed centerpieces around musicians and music groups. For example, a Madonna table can be adorned with lace gloves, vintage Pepsi bottles and beaded necklaces. Focus on a musical genre, such as punk, with a mannequin head wearing a bright-colored Mohawk and piercings. Other music-inspired centerpieces can include a boom box and cassette tapes.


The 1980s was full of fads that today can be made into centerpieces. Scour flea markets and thrift stores for anything that says "1980s," including games such as Hungry Hungry Hippos or Rubik's Cubes. Use a Polaroid camera as an interactive centerpiece, or grow a fluffy Chia Pet to sit in the middle of the table. Accent these items with word bubbles cut from paper that express sayings such as "Totally Tubular" or "Psyche!"