How Can I Make My Coarse Hair Smooth?

by Genevieve Jackson ; Updated July 18, 2017

Moisture or heat alone will not tame coarse hair. It's best to combine both techniques to achieve flowing silky locks and put tangles to rest. Because all strands are not created equal; pay attention to the needs of your hair. Smoothing your locks to perfection will take time, patience and the appropriate hair tools.

Shampoo your hair. Apply a moisture-rich shampoo and wash hair in a downward motion. Because coarse hair is prone to tangles, skip piling hair on top of your head.

Condition clean hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Coarse hair requires more moisture than naturally straight hair. Choose a moisturizing conditioner with water listed as a main ingredient. Look for conditioners with water as one of first three ingredients. Water is the best moisturizer for hair. According to Long Hair Don't Care, deep conditioning hair for 20 minutes will provide the most moisture.

Part your hair into four even sections and blow dry. If you do not have a blow dryer it is acceptable to let your hair air dry.

Massage a dollop of thermal heat protectant or shine serum to your dry hair. The heat protectant will protect your strands from flat iron heat damage. In small portions flat iron the hair from root to tip until you complete each section of hair.

Flat iron your hair. Put your iron on a comfortable heat setting. Take a strand from one of your hair sections and apply a smooth even press with the flat iron.Straighten the whole section before moving on to the others. Style your hair as usual.


  • Use a ceramic flat iron. Metal flat irons may damage your hair through uneven heat distribution. Ceramic flat irons distribute heat evenly and seal moisture into your hair strands.

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