How to Repair a Hole in a Swimming Pool Liner

by Emily Beach

Many swimming pools include a vinyl liner, which acts as a waterproofing membrane between the water and the pool structure. These liners consist of strong, durable material that resists punctures and tears. Over time however, exposure to chlorine and UV-rays may weaken your pool liner, leaving it prone to damage and leaks. If you find a hole in your pool liner, fix it fast to prevent it from growing. Most vinyl pool liners take just a few minutes to repair, and require only a few basic tools.

Measure the hole using a ruler.

Purchase a vinyl pool liner repair kit. Choose a kit with patches that are large enough to completely cover the hole, with an additional 1 to 2 inches of coverage all the way around the patched area.

Buy vinyl pool liner adhesive. Select a standard adhesive for holes above the water level, or an underwater adhesive for holes under the water.

Cut the vinyl patch to cover the hole, leaving an extra 1 to 2 inches on each side.

Dry the area around the hole with a towel if the hole is located above the water.

Apply a small amount of vinyl liner adhesive to the back of the patch using the included applicator or a small paint brush.

Press the patch onto your pool liner, keeping it centered over the hole. Starting at the center of the patch, press any excess glue or water out toward the edges until the patch is smooth against the liner.

Allow the patch to remain undisturbed for 48 hours so the glue can set.


  • Fill small pinholes with vinyl adhesive. It is not necessary to patch tiny holes with vinyl patches.

    Use vinyl tape and an appropriate adhesive to cover very large holes.

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