Home Recipes for Makeup Removers

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As useful a tool as makeup can be, enhancing your good features while camouflaging those that are less than perfect, you shouldn't -- nor would you want to -- have it on your face nonstop. When it's time for the makeup to come off, you need something that dissolves cosmetics without damaging facial skin and the delicate area around your eyes. You can make your own chemical-free, makeup remover using simple ingredients in your home. Apply a small amount to your wrist 24 hours before use to make sure you're not allergic to it.

Olive Oil and Baby Oil

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Mix equal parts olive oil and baby oil. Dab a cotton ball in the mixture and use gentle strokes to smooth away eye shadow and liner. Both oils have emollient properties and will moisturize the area around your eyes as they cleanse away cosmetics.

Cucumber juice

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Peel, grate and juice a fresh cucumber. Mix 1/8 cup of the juice with a few drops of baby oil and apply with a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.

Petroleum Jelly and Aloe Vera

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To remove foundation and blusher from your face, combine equal parts petroleum jelly and aloe vera gel and stir well. The petroleum jelly moisturizes skin while it cleans, and the aloe vera reduces sticky residue.

Almond Oil

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Use pure almond oil to remove eye makeup. Almond oil is rich in skin-soothing substances, including vitamin E, an antioxidant with skin-protective properties.


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Yogurt makes an effective makeup remover. Make sure you use the plain, unflavored type of yogurt. Dip a cotton ball in the yogurt and use it to swab away blusher, powder and foundation from your face. Then rinse with cool water.

Baby Shampoo

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Use baby shampoo on a cotton ball or tissue to remove stubborn mascara. The gentle "no tears" product is made for babies, but adults can use it, too.