Natural Beauty Tips for Men

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While the beauty industry often caters to women, it is just as important for men to take care of their skin and physical appearance. Men can look and feel their most confident with basic personal upkeep. While the concept of a full and expensive beauty routine can be overwhelming, there are alternatives. Natural beauty options can be integrated into any man's daily routine that will result in long term benefits.


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Shaving creates a well groomed appearance while helping to soften and exfoliate your skin. Loosen your beard with hot water, then apply a moisturizer before applying shaving cream. The moisturizer absorbs into the skin, while shaving foams generally sit on top. Apply shaving cream and shave using short strokes to ensure more blade coverage and a smoother shave. Rinse with lukewarm water, then rinse in cold water to tighten skin. Follow with an after shave lotion (rather than a cologne) to cool any burning.


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Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and embedded dirt and oils that can clog pores. This is particularly important for breakout prone skin, as it brings all oil to the surface allowing it to be treated before spots are formed. Use a dry brush or cotton cloth to massage a facial exfoliant into your skin at least once a week. Exfoliate on damp skin, and pat dry with a towel afterwords. It is important to exfoliate after after weekend activities such as yard work, auto repairs or playing sports.

Use Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is the first defense against wrinkles and environmental skin damage. Always apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 15, 30 minutes before going into the sun to allow it to absorb into the skin. You can also use a moisturizer that contains SPF protection, combining two essential skincare steps.

Ears and Nose Hair

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Take time out once or twice a week to trim protruding nose and ear hair. A beard trimmer is a great tool for trimming hair on the outer portion of the ears. Using a razor blade there can result in cuts and bleeding. Use manicure scissors or a commercial trimmer for nose-hair removal. Nose hair is the body's filtration system, so remove this hair only if it's extremely unsightly; don't attempt to remove all the hair that's deep inside the nasal passages.

Finger and Toe Nails

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Keep finger and toe nails clipped and finger nails cleaned underneath. long nails become noticeably dirty very easily, so trim them short for simple upkeep. File down sharp edges on nails after clipping using a nail file. File away any loose skin on your toes and heels with a foot file once a week while in the shower.


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Wash your hair regularly to remove dirt and oil. Wash every other day if you have thick or course hair that doesn't become oily very easily. Use a shampoo formulated for your hair type and opt for a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove excess buildup from styling products. Condition every time you wash in the shower, and follow up with a dime sized amount of leave in conditioner to the ends once hair has been towel dried. When it comes to styling, use as little heat as possible in order to keep hair healthy.


Brush and floss regularly, and pay close attention to gums. Food lodged between teeth can cause infections and sores on gums, leading to bleeding and bad breath. If you drink tea or coffee or smoke, use a tooth brush with a whitening agent and consider whitening strips or a whitening treatment at the dentist's office.