How to Write a Get Well Card to a Child,,,,,,,,

When a writing a get well card to a child, there are special things we can do to cheer up the child and improve her mood. Children, as we know, are different than adults, and certain little things can mean a lot to them.

Buy a card designed for children or a card that is kid-friendly. If you can't find one of these or don't want to, make one yourself. It's easy using the computer or construction paper.

Put the date and start the card, "Dear _,"

Write a quick note, such as, "So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are feeling all better soon!"

Sign the card, "Love, _" And if the child does not know you well, include in parentheses your relationship. For example, you might write: (Your grandmother's friend) beneath your name.

Add stickers to the inside of the card. Kids (and some adults) love stickers! You may even want to draw a picture or use stamps, too.

Address the envelope to the child. Put on a return address label and stamp.

Decorate the outside of the envelope with stickers.

Your card is now ready to mail!