White Mountain Apple Peeler Instructions

half peeled red apple image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.com

With so many modern apple peelers available that peel an apple in seconds, the White Mountain Apple Peeler presents itself as a vintage peeler, an antique worth having whether or not you love apples. The White Mountain Apple Peeler is a classic--it was one of the first apple peelers created. This version is made of cast iron, and dates all the way back to the 1950s, though its very first version was created in the 1890s by David Goodell. It's not hard to use, and it also serves as a kitchen display accessory.

Wash your apples thoroughly. Although you may want to skip this step since you're throwing away the peel, it is still important to wash the apples on the outside to avoid getting any dirt onto the peeler that can transfer onto the peeled apple.

Hold the peeler with the handle (it may be red or black) pointed towards you. Turn the screw below the handle until the space above it is wide enough to fit onto your table or countertop.

Attach the peeler to a flat surface and turn the screw until it tightens and the peeler stays in place. The White Mountain Apple Peeler works in a similar way to modern apple peelers, except that there is no button to press--you have to peel the apple manually.

Push the tab on the apple peeler near the handle; this will release the screw pushing the handle out to give you access to the prongs.

Place the apple on the prongs with its bottom (the side without the tail) facing you. Move the handle back to its starting position.

Use the screws located near the peeler's blade to adjust the thickness of the peel being removed by tightening or loosening them

Test the peeler by turning the red handle to start peeling. If the peel is the thickness you desire, keep on turning the handle until the apple is peeled. If not, adjust the screws until you get the desired effect. The apple is peeled by being rotated and coming into contact with a sharp knife blade, while a rounded blade cores it simultaneously.

Unscrew the peeler from the counter or table top when you are finished and wash the peeler before the next use.