Where to Place Highlights in Hair

A fresh set of highlights adds life to any hair style. Highlights are different colors woven into your hair to create dimension through a color spot process. You can create highlights in a variety of different shades and colors for your special look. Try bright and wild for a younger look or natural and subdued for a professional or sophisticated appeal. Placement is also key to making your highlights work well with your cut. Design your style so that your highlight placement accentuates your look.

Chunky Highlights

Bold, chunky highlights are popular with modern layered cuts. Chunky highlights require you to color larger portions of hair in one bunch and are typically located in a variety of areas around your head.

Try a highlight slash from the crown of your head, running through your long bangs for an ultra modern effect. Place chunky highlights on the outer pieces of your head, beginning with the crown, leading down to the tip of your hair. Create five or six big highlight chunks for a wild look. Instead of using blonde, try a pink or purple highlight shade to really make a statement.

Man Tips

Men are sporting highlights too. Create a cool look on your spiky do with small flecks of highlight color.

Ask your stylist to paint highlights that are a few shades lighter than your normal color on the tips on top of your head. Style this do by gelling the top spiked upward so your highlights are featured.

Natural Highlights

Natural looking highlights give your hair a sun-kissed look. Your stylist should apply the highlights to any portion of your head that could have naturally been exposed to the sun. If you want color on the underneath portion of your hair, ask your stylist to do a base color on your head first, then apply the highlights for a more dramatic effect.

Natural highlights are created by coloring smaller groups of hair strands near each other. Have your highlights placed throughout your head including your bangs for a natural look. Your hair will have a blended look that will make your face look brighter.