What to Say on a Graduation Party Invitation

Hosting a graduation party for a recent graduate allows friends and family who could not attend the ceremony to celebrate his achievements. Invitations for a graduation party must include a few types of information.


Indicate clearly on the invitation that the party is to celebrate your student's graduation. If the student has plans for his next step, whether school or a job, include this. For example, write "Join us as we celebrate [Name]'s graduation from [high school] and welcome the newest member of [college], class of [anticipated year of college graduation]!"

Time Frame

The graduation party invitation should include the time the party begins. If the party is an open house, invite guests to drop in between specific times. For a more formal party with a dinner, invite guests for "hors d'oeuvres at [start time] and seating at [dinner time]."

Other Details

Include other details on the invitation, such as the location of the graduation party and the date including the day of the week. If you would like guests to let you know whether they will be attending, include your name, phone number and an RSVP date at the bottom of the invitation.