What Is the Best Way to Sell Unwanted Jewelry?

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If you want to sell unwanted jewelry, whether it’s vintage or relatively new, you can pursue a number of different avenues: local jewelry stores, pawn shops, gold parties and e-Bay. However, your best bet is to sell your jewelry to a refinery, because you’ll receive more money than if you sell it any other way. A refinery is a business that buys jewelry and refines it, reuses it, sells it to jewelers or makes new jewelry. Refineries accept only jewelry made from authentic precious metals—costume jewelry has no value.

Research reputable refining companies by checking with the Better Business Bureau. Examples of online refiners are Northern Refineries, A-Mark Precious Metals Company and International Precious Metals Institute.

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Find out what types of jewelry the refining company accepts. Some refineries take only gold, while others accept silver, platinum and palladium. Refiners will often accept cuff links, watches, money clips, charms, bracelets, rings and necklaces as well as gold fillings, bars and coins.

If you choose a local refiner, take your jewelry to have it weighed in front of you and priced. You will be made an offer; if you accept it, you will be paid cash on the spot.

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If you choose to deal with a refiner online, open an account by filling out the company's forms online. An account enables you to sell your jewelry. Send for your secured, special package from the refinery, and use it to submit your jewelry to the refinery. Be sure to insure your package if your jewelry is worth more than a few hundred dollars.

The refiner will price your jewelry and send you an offer. Once you accept the offer, the refiner will send you a payment, often via check or bank transfer. Refiners are known for fast payment, usually within 24 hours.