What Is Andouille Sausage?

Andouille is a spicy and smoked Cajun sausage that is made with ground pork, spices and onions. It has its roots in the French immigrants who came to southeastern Louisiana from Canada. It is popular in gumbo and jambalaya.

Types of Andouille

The first type of andouille is andouillet, which has its origins in France. It is made with tripe and pork intestines and has a milder flavor. The Cajun-style andouille has a smoky flavor and is more spicier.

Uses of Andouille

Aside from gumbo and jambalaya, andouille can be used as a breakfast sausage with grits and eggs. It can also be used in pasta dishes, Mexican dishes and savory pies.

Popular Andouille Brands

Some major producers of andouille sausage in Louisiana include Savoie's, Richard's, DD Patton's Sausage and Manda's.

Where To Purchase Andouille

If you live in Louisiana, your local supermarket will have various brands of andouille to choose from. If you live elsewhere, there are local companies that sell it online.

Similar Sausages

A relative of andouille sausage is tasso, which is made from the shoulder butt, in a salt cure, and made with spices such as cayenne pepper.