What Is a Pandora Bracelet?

Pandora is the brand name of a jewelry line that may be made with interchangeable parts. Bracelets in the line are also designed to have interchangeable beads or charms that can be added or removed easily to create a bracelet that fits different styles, colors, occasions or attire. Pandora bracelets may be made from gold, silver or more inexpensive metals.


In 1982, the jewelry line that eventually became Pandora was established by P. Enevoldsen, a goldsmith, in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1999, the interchangeable charm bracelet made its first appearance. In 2003, the first pieces of Pandora jewelry were sold in North America (see link in Resources).


Pandora bracelets are designed with special threads inside the beads that allow them to be added to the bracelet, removed from the bracelet and move easily while on the bracelet.


A Pandora bracelet has 3 sections divided by threads. Every Pandora bead also has threads inside it to enable the beads to be placed on the bracelet in any design or order.


Pandora bracelets can be changed to compliment any style of outfit. A woman need never wear her Pandora bracelet the same way more than once.


Pandora bracelets can be affordable if less expensive metals are chosen. They can also be expensive if silver or gold metals are desired.

Fun Fact

Pandora was a woman who was created by a Greek god, according to Greek mythology. She was sent to down to earth with a box. When she opened the box, everything evil escaped and only what was good remained.