What Finger Foods for a Red Wine Tasting Evening?

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An evening of wine tasting provides guests with the opportunity to explore red wines as they sip on fine beverages and enjoy the company of friends and family. Finger foods are a convenient accompaniment for wine tastings and allow guests to snack on some food while holding their wine glasses. When selecting food for a red wine tasting, pick mild finger foods that will not interfere with the taste of wines.


A wine tasting simply wouldn't be complete without a selection of cheese for the guests to enjoy. Let the guests help themselves to a variety of cheeses, from soft cheeses like Camembert and brie to harder cheeses, such as cheddar or Gouda. Although potent, stinky cheeses may pair well with gourmet food, their strong odor can compromise the guests' abilities to taste the wine and appreciate the subtleties.

Bread and Crackers

Bread and crackers are another essential finger food for a wine tasting. Guests can enjoy slices of baguette and focaccia alone or paired with some cheese. Crackers, with their satisfying crunch, are another solid choice. Lay out a variety of crackers, from salted rounds to rosemary olive oil flatbreads. Provide guests with some spreads, such as hummus or tapenade, to give the bread and crackers extra flavor.

Cured Meat

A platter of cured meats will complement the spread of cheese and bread products. Create a plate of various salami, prosciutto and other meats. For hosts with a little more time, consider making prosciutto-wrapped grissini or crunchy, crackerlike breadsticks. Simply wrap a piece of prosciutto around the end of each breadstick so diners can enjoy a bite of buttery prosciutto and crispy grissini while still holding their wine glass.


Satisfy a sweet tooth with miniature-sized desserts. Finger foods, such as tiny cheesecake bites, mini cupcakes and small fruit tarts, are easy for guests to pick up and enjoy while chatting with other visitors. Fresh fruit, such as strawberries or pineapple slices, are healthier dessert options that are still a cinch to eat during a wine tasting.