What Customer Style Does Prada Represent?

Prada is a high-end designer brand. The line sells beautiful clothing and accessories often seen at runway and fashion shows worldwide. However, you will drop a pretty penny for pretty Prada.

Prada Represents Famous Peoples' Style

Since Prada is a top designer brand, celebrities have the money to afford and showcase its style. Stars like Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Scarlet Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston all have been seen wearing Prada in InStye Magazine. The designer represents Hollywood style. Prada also may advertise their clothing by giving certain designs to celebrities to wear and be seen in it.

Prada Represents Business Style

Business women and men can be a target audience for Prada. The website portrays their tailored designs. The color scheme on their page is limited. Traditional black, white and gray is the color of most of their clothing, with a red piece here and there. These shades are easy to mix and match with other colors. They are also classy and sophisticated.

Prada Represents Fashionista Style

A fashionista is a person who follows high-end fashion, buys the designs and promotes the styles. In the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada," a fashion magazine editor played by Meryl Streep works with fashion and therefore keeps up with designers like Prada. Those people who live and die for fashion are a clientele representative and worthy of Prada.