What Are Some French Foods?

by Yvette Sajem ; Updated September 28, 2017

What Are Some French Foods?

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France has long led the globe on two fronts: food and fashion. When it comes to food, the French are true innovators. From gourmet desserts to odd delicacies, French cooks understand what will tantalize the taste buds.


According to "French Food and Cook", the French people are the biggest consumers of snails on the planet. Snails are typically served in butter, garlic, parsley and other spices. They may also be prepared in a flaky pastry.

Brie Cheese

Brie cheese is probably the most famous cheese among hundreds native to France. Also called "king's cheese", this soft, mellow delicacy is generally enjoyed with red wine, fruit, nuts and canapes.

Le Clafouti

Le clafouti is a pancake-like batter with fresh fruit--usually cherries--baked into it. According to "Traditional French Food", le clafouti is the most popular traditional dessert to come out of Southern France.

Frog Legs

Another odd delicacy with French origins, frog legs are typically dipped in flour and fried with olive oil and garlic. Interestingly, frogs are now a protected species in France; most frog legs are currently imported from elsewhere.


Highly valued in France, truffles are a group of edible fungi that grow underground, particularly near trees. Prized for both flavor and aroma, truffles are generally added to main dishes such as omelettes, salads or vegetables.

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