What Are Good Coffee Replacements?

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Finding a good replacement for coffee can really help kick the coffee-drinking habit. The key to a good coffee replacement is that it keeps the same feel as a cup of coffee, just without the undesirable ingredients. Herbal teas can often provide similar benefits as coffee without unnecessary caffeine. They are also brewed, so they drink like a warm cup of coffee as well. Some manufacturers offer coffee substitutes that are supposed to taste and feel like a real cup.


Pero is a coffee substitute that is manufactured in Switzerland. Made from malted barley, chicory and rye, it is brewed just like real coffee and tastes quite similar. The ingredients of Pero are naturally caffeine-free. It is an instant powder. Simply heat a cup of water and combine for a relaxing, warm cup.

Green Tea

Green tea comes in many varieties, but all share the same characteristics. It is prepared by brewing, just as you would a cup of coffee. Green tea is not completely caffeine-free, but the caffeine is only a fraction of what is present in an average cup of coffee. Additionally, green tea is well-known for its powerful disease-fighting antioxidants. Like coffee, it can be prepared hot or poured over ice cubes for a refreshing beverage on a summer day.


Teechino is a combination of carob, barley and chicory. Fruits such as dates or figs are added to create unique flavors. There are also "coffee-friendly" flavors, like hazelnut and java. It is prepared in a coffee maker just like coffee, but is naturally caffeine-free.


Cafix uses freeze-dried grains to create a coffee-like substance without the caffeine. An infusion of barley and chicory give it the familiar taste. Cafix is an instant powder that can be prepared by simply mixing with a cup of hot water.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee is still coffee, just with the caffeine removed. This can be a good alternative to start weaning yourself from caffeine addiction. All the taste is still there. The process of removing the caffeine actually makes decaffeinated coffee more expensive than normal coffee. Check into different brands to look for one that fits your taste and budget.