List of Foods Imported to Britain

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With globalization comes the need to import products from around the world. Britain imports a lot of foods from Europe and the United States to sustain a satisfactory level of food to supply the nations that make up Great Britain. Some of the most common foods bought and sold in Britain have their origin in various parts of the world. As the world continues to connect globally due to the Internet and accessible travel, more foods will be imported into Great Britain.

American Foods

Many American foods are popular in Britain. Some that are the most popular come in various categories. A lot of American sodas are imported, such as Mountain Dew and Gatorade. Some breakfast foods that imported to the U.K. are cereals such as Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks. Other foods include American ketchup, pancake mix and spreadable marshmallow. Less common imported items are American chocolates, prepackaged cakes and peanut butter.

Far East Foods

Some of the most popular food items imported to Britain from the Far East are sugar, meats and coffee. Coffee is grown in many Far Eastern countries and is purchased from U.K. buyers in its green raw state. It’s then distributed to various roasters and sold in local coffee shops. A lot of beef and chicken is imported from the Far East to Britain and sold locally. Some sugar is imported from the Far East because of the large sugar cane crops and harvest.

African Foods

Some beef, coffee and juices are imported from various regions in Africa. One of the most popular drinks imported from South Africa to the U.K. is a brand called “Ceres.” These juice products come in various exotic fruit flavors and are sold throughout the U.K. Some coffee is imported from Ethiopia and surrounding areas. Beef is another popular import from Northern Africa, not too far from the shores of Britain.