Where to Buy Pomegranate Juice

Over the years the health benefits of pomegranates have been reviewed and discussed with both favorable and inconclusive health benefit results. However, it is known that the pomegranate, or Chinese apple, is high in antioxidants. Eating this fruit can be a daunting task when trying to get past the tough skin and hundreds of seeds inside the fruit. Those who do not have the time or patience to deal with eating a pomegranate have turned to drinking its juice to obtain antioxidant benefits.

The Grocery Store

Due to the increasing popularity of pomegranate juice, it can be found in many grocery stores nationwide. Often it is sold in the organic or natural foods aisle of supermarkets. Most stores carry the juice in containers ranging from half gallon cartons to 16 oz. bottles. Popular brands found in the grocery store are Tropicana and Pom Wonderful, and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Farmer's Markets and Whole Foods Markets

Farmer's markets often carry organic and naturally grown foods from local farms. You are less likely to find a nationally known brand of pomegranate juice at a farmer's market, and chances are that the juice is not FDA approved as national brands often are. Whole foods markets tend to sell more organically grown produce. Just like the farmer's market, whole foods markets tend to carry less popular brands of pomegranate juice, which are also less likely to be FDA approved.

Online Vendors

You can also purchase pomegranate juice online from a supermarket or health food store. If you desire a variety of brands, choose from sites such as Amazon.com and NexTag, which offer various juices from different retailers. One problem with purchasing pomegranate juice online is that you may not know if the juice is within the expiration date.