What Are Capri Blend Vegetables?

Capri blend vegetables, like other vegetable blends, may accompany a meat, poultry or seafood course, or be mixed into soups or pasta dishes. Typically sold frozen, Capri blend vegetables contain both whole and fancy-cut vegetables. Although they come unseasoned, adding herbal blends or salt adds flavor to the mix.

Capri Blend Vegetables

Capri blend vegetables contain julienne carrots, French-cut green beans, and slices of yellow squash and zucchini. Some brands may crinkle cut the zucchini slices and yellow squash slices -- and even the carrots; others may bias cut the green beans instead of French cut them. Because squash and zucchini cook quickly and the cut vegetables also cook quickly, cooks interested in a fast freezer-to-table meal choose Capri blend vegetables as a side dish over other blends. Capri blend vegetables do not contain fat or added sugar. Depending on the brand, Capri blend vegetables contain about 20 calories per 1/2 cup serving out of the bag without fats, seasonings or sauces the chef may add in cooking.