How to Slow Cook Country Ribs

Barbecue ribs

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Slow cookers are often associated with winter comfort foods like soups, pot roasts and stews, but using them for summer meals is a good way to keep your kitchen cool. The slow cooker cooks food with moisture over a long period of time, which keeps lean meats like country-style pork ribs -- a summer favorite -- tender. Cooking country-style ribs in a slow cooker takes 6 hours or longer, so you can put them on and go about your day knowing dinner will be ready when you get home.

Cooking the Ribs

Season the country style ribs with salt and pepper. Place the ribs on a broiler pan or into a saute pan with cooking tongs or a spatula.

Place the broiler pan under the broiler and broil the ribs 4 inches below the heating element until browned, about 7 to 10 minutes. Alternately, sear the ribs in a small amount of oil on the stove top until brown. Transfer the ribs to the slow cooker.

Mix the onions, canned tomatoes or tomato sauce, brown sugar and soy sauce in a mixing bowl. Pour contents of mixing bowl over the ribs.

Cook the ribs on low heat for six to eight hours. The ribs are finished cooking when the internal temperature is 145 F.

Transfer ribs to a serving platter and allow to rest for 4 minutes before eating.