Wedding Tasting Etiquette

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tastings let you sample your reception food, check the presentation and make changes to stay on budget. Whether you attend a public tasting with other couples or a private one, practicing good wedding tasting etiquette ensures a pleasant, productive experience for you and your vendor.

Communicate Clearly

Tastings cost a vendor time and money, so don't make an appointment with caterers you cannot afford. When you schedule your tasting, let the caterer know your venue, budget and date, and confirm the cost for the tasting as it may not be free. Other background information you can provide, such as food allergies, cultural food restrictions, foods you can't stand or menu items you want to try, lets the caterer make recommendations that help you spend wisely and please your guests. Don't eat for several hours before arriving on time and come prepared to take notes and photos for future reference.

Set Limits

Limiting the number of people who accompany you and your intended lets you focus on the food, not family or wedding issues, and keeps the cost down. When sampling wine, sip conservatively to avoid making comments or decisions under the influence. As with other social situations, how you voice your opinion and thank everyone involved for their efforts should reflect good manners.