How to Wear Makeup When It Is Hot Outside

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Hot weather changes the ways bodies function, both internally and externally. Those steamy summer months also mean facial sweat and makeup distress. Most women have experienced that melting-makeup sensation, especially those who live in humid climates. You may be pulling your hair out by trying to keep your cosmetics on. Instead, just relax and enjoy the weather -- some regular skin-care and makeup routines can help keep your face in place and create a refreshed, natural look.

Step 1

Cleanse skin with an oil-preventing cleanser and pat dry promptly -- heat tends to lead skin to produce more oil, which can be a nightmare when you want your makeup to stay put. Be sure to wash skin before you go to bed every night to help skin stay healthy.

Step 2

Apply a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to help skin retain its natural moisture level and keep toxins and pollutants, such as vehicle exhaust, from getting into the skin throughout the day.

Step 3

Cover your fingertips with a pea-sized amount of face primer and gently apply the product over your face until all of your skin is covered. The primer will keep your makeup in place for longer, give you a smoother application and help protect your skin.

Step 4

Apply a quarter-sized amount of tinted moisturizer to the back of your hand and dip your foundation brush into the mixture. Sweep the foundation brush over your face starting along your nose and cheekbones. Blend the tinted moisturizer into your skin using small, soft strokes as you work the product outwards across your skin. Focus the tinted mixture on your nose, chin, forehead and cheeks -- or any areas that need extra coverage. Remember to sweep a bit of product over your eyelids as well. Build up the amount of product on those areas that need coverage but avoid using too much. Tinted moisturizer will sit much more lightly on your skin and have less of a tendency to melt and become uneven throughout the day, unlike full coverage foundations, which can clump and crease in the humidity much faster. Tinted moisturizers also help your skin breathe.

Step 5

Pick up some waterproof concealer with your concealer brush and apply the product to any problem areas, such as under-eye circles, blemishes or red areas. Use small, quick strokes with the brush to blend in the concealer. Apply this waterproof formula as sparingly as possible since waterproof concealers are highly pigmented and adhere to skin for the entire day, much like a water-resistant mascara. These two elements make the waterproof variety of concealer a fantastic choice for hot-weather wear.

Step 6

Dip a large kabuki brush in a sheer setting powder and tap off any excess. Sweep the large brush over your face to set the moisturizer and concealer into place. Use this product sparingly to avoid a powdery, caked-on look.

Step 7

Tap your index and middle fingers into some cream blush stain, if you'd like a little extra color. Smile and dab your fingers on the apples of your cheeks. Blend with your fingers until you have just a hint of a color on your cheeks to create that warm, vibrant look. This kind of formula has longevity since it is a stain and it works with the skin's natural moisture to create a soft, glowing application. Powder formulas tend to sit on the surface of the skin where they can clump and fade when they come into contact with the skin's natural oils and sweat.

Step 8

Apply a thin line of waterproof eyeliner in black or brown to your top lash line. Work with small dashes to create a smooth line right along the lash line.

Step 9

Dip a small eyeshadow brush into a neutral, matte, eyeshadow powder and sweep over the eyelid to set the previously applied tinted moisturizer in place and create an effortless, subtle look for humid weather.

Step 10

Apply a water-resistant mascara to your eyelashes to complete the eye makeup for this hot weather look.

Step 11

Sweep a tinted lip balm with a bit of SPF over your lips in a playful coral or pink color. This formula will keep your lips hydrated during the day and will, once again, help you avoid that uneven, settled look that humidity and heat can produce on hot skin.