Ways to Win Back Your Husband

Everyone gets married with the best of intentions and dreams of a long and happy life with their spouse. The unfortunate fact is that marriages do not come without problems, and a happy union can turn into a downward spiral leading you to a place you never intended to go. If your marriage is in a difficult spot and you feel like you once solid bond is ripping at the seams, take heart. There are some actions you can take to help you win back the affection of your husband.


When it comes to men, their need for respect is something that a wife should never underestimate. Many of us are taught that men are tough and strong, lacking the emotion or sensitivity that would allow any words to hurt them. For this reason, a woman may nag or criticize her husband in hopes of improving her marriage, all the while she is damaging his esteem and desire to be around her.

Rather than using criticism to try to help your marriage, try using affirmation instead. Spend some time thinking about all the wonderful things your husband brings to the table and acknowledge those things to him and others. Make it a point to thank him for what he does and do something special to show your appreciation. When your husband feels respected and valued in your presence, chances are he'll want to be in your presence more often


Going out of the way to do things your husband likes is another way to help win him back. If your husband loves steak and potatoes for dinner, incorporate that into his weekly meal plan. If he enjoys watching the game with you, stop cleaning the kitchen and sit down and watch with him. Surprise your husband with a large breakfast before he goes to work one morning or offer to watch his favorite war movie instead a chick flick on the weekend. These actions will likely go a long way in helping your husband realize how valued and important he is to you.


Making an effort to look your best will also help you gain your husband's attention. Think about the way you wore your clothes, hair and makeup when you first started dating your husband. You probably took a lot of time putting yourself together so that he would find you attractive. Making an effort to be attractive for your guy is not something that should end when you marriage begins, you have a family or you start to age. Wear flattering clothes. If your days are hectic, go to the salon and get a cute haircut that is easy to maintain. Take a couple minutes to put on some basic makeup that highlights your features. The more effort you put into you appearance, the more your hubby is likely to notice.