Ways to Say Yes to Homecoming

Homecoming is a rite of passage for most American teenagers, and accepting an invitation is a nerve wracking experience for both the asker and answerer. Here are a few simple steps and suggestions on how to say yes to this momentous high school occasion.

Be patient for the right person. When it comes to a special occasion, and you don't have a steady, don't jump at the first invitation. This doesn't mean "no," it means you'll have to think about it. You wouldn't want to say yes and then back out for a better offer. That's mean and no one will praise you for your ill mannered attitude.

Reciprocate with an answer that equals the ask. Many high schoolers are creative in the way they ask their significant other out for a special date. If your potential date spends her creative juices in asking you out, spend a little thought on the acceptance. For example, if you find a note on your locker requesting your presence at the dance, which asks "check yes or no," check "yes" and return the note with custom CD or a cute picture.

The phone call ask may be more common. When your intended asks for you to accompany him on a big date like homecoming, always praise him for the courage to even make the call. School is one thing, but one on one asking of big questions is nerve wracking for many teens. Be nice and say you'd love to.

Be aware of your date's financial status. Be aware of how much a homecoming will cost. If it's a great sum of money and your date may be strapped for cash, or even come from a family without a lot of extras, offer to pay for half.