Ways to Improve Attitude Problems in a Relationship

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Attitude problems can plague even the best of relationships. A negative attitude has the power to ruin conversations, frustrate partners and friends or even end a relationship for good. Learning how to change your negative attitude (or providing suggestions to a partner or friend) can salvage a broken relationship or fix a problem before it gets too big.

Avoid Criticism Whenever Possible

Frequent criticism and complaints about another person can quickly sour a relationship. You should make every attempt to avoid criticism when possible; however, you can use occasional constructive criticism to help foster change in your relationship when necessary.

Listen to Other's Opinions

Listening to another person's opinion and taking it into consideration is important to keeping a good attitude in a relationship. Relationships should not be solely one-sided, and a one-sided relationship can quickly deteriorate. Check your attitude at the door and be willing to hear what your significant other or friend has to say; this can greatly improve your attitude and interpersonal communication.

Realize (and Admit) When You're Wrong

Nothing says "bad attitude" in a relationship like refusing to admit when you are wrong. Everyone occasionally makes a mistake and says the wrong thing, and he or she should be willing to admit when that happens. You should be OK with owning up to your mistakes and taking the necessary steps to fix the problem as a way of improving your attitude and the relationship.

Ask, Don't Tell

People appreciate when they are asked rather than told to do or think something. Be sure to watch your tone of voice, body language and words when you are making a request of your significant other or friend. Asking someone to do something, rather than demanding them to do it, will not only increase the likelihood that the event occurs, but will improve your attitude and relationship with the other person.

Learn from Issues and Conflicts

Every relationship will suffer problems from time to time. Frequent, unresolved conflict can create attitude problems among even the closest of friends and lovers. Use each problem as a way to learn about yourself, your partner or friend and the conflict you are working through. The ability to learn from conflict not only improves relationships and diminishes attitude problems, but will make you a better person as well.

Imagine a Better You

The quickest and easiest way to change your attitude in a relationship is to picture yourself as a better person or model your behavior after someone you respect. How does this person act? How do you see yourself working with and respecting others? Imagining a better you can help you make it a reality.