Warning Signs of a Cheating Wife

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Thinking that your wife could possibly be cheating is a painful experience. There are many signs that can tip you off that your wife may be having an affair. With 17 percent of divorces being caused by adultery, according to the Associated Press, you or someone you know may be dealing with this issue.

She Does Not Need You

Many times, needy wives no longer seem to need their husbands. If you have noticed your needy wife no longer needing your help with things, not wanting to spend as much time with you, not being worried about where you are or needing your affection and attention anymore, this could be a sign that she is getting her needs met elsewhere by another man.


Wives who are cheating will often start to change their appearance. They may take more care when getting ready to leave the house for the day, wear a new perfume or shop for a new wardrobe. They may even go so far as to change their hairstyle or hair color. Oftentimes, they will start a new workout at the gym and begin a strict diet. She may begin over-dressing for small errands, such as going to the grocery store or post office.


You may notice that your wife is being very secretive when it comes to her cell phone calls and emails. She may make sure that she has her cell phone with her at all times, may leave the room when she takes certain calls and may have an unusually large number of calls come in at odd times. You may notice that she will delete her call log and text messages often. If you have had access to her email account before and the passwords have been changed without her telling you, this may be cause for concern.


Finding new intimate apparel or items you have never seen before is another sign of an affair. You may also notice new items that she has that you have not bought for her and she cannot produce receipts for, such as earrings, purses and shoes. These items could be gifts from another man. If she has receipts for items that she has purchased but cannot seem to find, this may be a sign that she has purchased a gift for someone else.