Vegan Breakfast Smoothies

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A fruit or vegetable smoothie makes for a quick and healthy breakfast. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, smoothies are a good choice for the health-conscious, but many smoothie recipes are not suitable for vegan diets. If you or a family member follow a vegan diet, adapt smoothie recipes by omitting dairy products or substituting dairy alternatives in their place.

Dairy-Free Smoothies

Smoothies can easily be made without any added dairy or non-vegan items. If you pack your smoothie with creamy-textured fruits there is no need to add yogurt or milk as a thickening agent. Use a banana or avocado as a base and add in berries or melon as well as juice or coconut water and ice. For extra protein and thickness add in some nuts or a spoonful of peanut or almond butter.

Dairy Alternative Smoothies

Make a traditional smoothie recipe vegan by substituting any dairy products with dairy alternatives. Many breakfast smoothie recipes call for low-fat yogurt, milk or even cottage cheese. Substitute these ingredients with soy yogurt or cheese or milk made from soy, rice, almonds or coconuts. These products all mix well with fruit, juice and oats to make thick and delicious smoothies.

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a healthy breakfast option for vegans. A green smoothie is like a traditional fruit smoothie, only with green vegetables added in. There are many vegan green smoothie recipes using vegetables like spinach, lettuce and kale mixed with bananas, berries and mangoes. Experiment with flavors and seasoning when making your green smoothies. Since they are often less sweet than their purely fruity cousins, they often benefit from strong flavors like ginger and mint.

Smoothie Supplements

Some smoothie drinkers like to add a vitamin boost to their morning smoothie. While a fruit or green smoothie is already chock-full of vitamins, smoothies can benefit from the addition of aloe, green tea powder, echinacea or ginkgo. You can also purchase green superfood powders that will add some bulk and nutrition to your smoothie. Be careful when adding supplements and boost to your smoothie and make sure you know exactly what is going into your drink and how it may affect your body.