Transgender Beauty Tips

As a male to female transgender, you may find yourself struggling to conform to society's standards regarding beauty and fashion. Using some common makeup and hair styling techniques will help you to not only look good but feel as feminine as you desire at the same time.

Wearing Blush

Wearing blush over your foundation will make you look healthy and refreshed as you go through your day. There are a two main types of blush, cream (or gel) and powder. The easiest to use is powder.

Use a medium sized makeup brush to gently brush the blush from the apple of your cheeks toward the top of your jawbone and all the way up to your hairline. The blush will be a bit darker at your cheeks and blend into the rest of your face for a natural look.

To balance the overall look, apply a very small amount of blush to your forehead and the point of your chin. Blend the color into your foundation. When you are done you shouldn't actually be able to see the color on any point of your face.


Fake tanning products have evolved and the odds od applying a product that gives you an orange look are slim to none. Adding a bronze to your skin tone will enhance your feminine look, blend away some of your skin's natural blemishes, and add a fresh and sophisticated look to your overall appearance.

Before using a bronzing product you should exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Doing so will ensure your bronzing product applies smoothly, without streaks or spots. The best time to apply a bronzing or self-tanning product is right after your shower because this is when your skin is smoothest and cleanest.

Some bronzing products may stain the skin but you won't want that color to stick to the palms of your hands. Put a thin, protective coating of petroleum jelly on your hands before you apply the lotion to protect yourself from staining.

Hair Styling

A woman's hairstyle is one of the first things noticed when she steps out in public. Whether you style your natural hair or wear a wig does not matter. Make sure your hair is always clean, smells fresh, and is neatly styled.

Always wash and dry your hair before going out in public. For best results, and for the most natural look, you'll want to avoid using excess amounts of hairspray. Using a light hold spray will help keep your style in place while allowing your hair some natural movement at the same time.