Top Relationship Turnoffs

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If you want that electric-like tingle of the first date to continue, make sure you don't accidentally flip off your relationship's power switch. While everyone is different, psychologists and researchers have identified specific turnoffs that affect almost everyone. By avoiding these no-nos, you can increase your chances of finding true love and a happy long-term relationship.

Don't Try Too Hard

There's something to be said about looking calm, cool and collected if you want things to heat up on your relationship thermometer. One of the most common dating turn-offs is when someone tries too hard to win the other person over, writes Seth Meyers, a psychologist, in the article, "Dating Mistakes: Sexual Caution and Other Turn-Offs" on Psychology Today's website. Put in effort, but make the other person work for the relationship, too. Warning signs that you are trying too hard include answering texts or phone calls right away, always initiating contact and always being available when the other person cancels and reschedules.

'Til Debt Do Us Part

Debt can rain on your parade. In a national 2013 survey of 5,500 single Americans, a whopping 65 percent said they would never go out with somebody who had credit card debt higher than $5,000, according to USA Today. It is no wonder that debt is such a big turnoff for singles. Bringing debt into a marriage has negative effects on overall marital satisfaction, according to "The Effects of Debt on Newlyweds and Implications for Education," a study published in the Journal of Extension, a research publication.

Dates and Drinks

There are many reasons to regret how much you had to drink last night, the hangover being one of them. In a national study conducted in 2012 by and online dating website, almost 70 percent of women said one of their biggest turnoffs was when their date drank more than they drank. Never touching a drop of alcohol may also be a bad choice. In the same survey, almost a quarter of all single women and men said they were turned off if their date drank nothing.

The Fairest (Fight) of All

On his website, celebrity psychologist Phil McGraw notes that poor management of conflict and fights is often one of the biggest turnoffs and relationship-ending factors when you are dating. Try not to keep score. Focus on the discussion at hand. Don't bring up past wrongs or hold grudges against your significant other. Stay open to the idea that you don't always have to be right when you and your lover disagree.