Top Qualities Men Look for in Women on a First Date

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While prepping for a first date, many women are a pile of nerves. The excitement combines with a desire to make a good first impression, and deciding what to wear becomes just as important as worrying about what the two of you will discuss. What most guys are looking for can help to ease that tension and pave the way for a successful first date.

Keep It Real

Men are looking for a woman who is capable of sharing her true self, explains Debra K. Fileta, a licensed professional counselor, in the Relevant article, "What Men Want in a Godly Woman." Instead of playing games or being coy, don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing this guy who you really are. Share your interests and allow him to catch a glimpse of some of your quirkier personality traits. He will appreciate getting to know the real you -- without the walls and games many other women build.

Be Worthy of His Trust

The number one quality men seek is trustworthiness -- someone they can confide in and rely upon, according to a survey for, as cited in the USA Today article, "What Singles Want: Survey Looks at Attraction, Turnoffs." This study asked what were the qualities that men and women value most when looking for romantic partners Prove you are worthy of that trust by being an open book and sticking to the promises you make. Don't give your date any reason to suspect you might be less than sincere, or to question your loyalty when it comes to the subject of fidelity.

Exude Confidence

Men want to find a woman who is secure and comfortable in her own skin advises Bree Maresca-Kramer, relationship expert, in the Huffington Post article, "7 Things Men Look for in a Woman.” Combat insecurities by dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable and attractive. Remind yourself of everything you have to offer before your date picks you up, and don’t allow first-date jitters to get the best of you. Confidence is sexy, so speak up and show this guy how awesome you are.

Be Full of Passion

Men are drawn to women who lead a purposeful life, seeking out personal passions and becoming invested in the good around them, explains Fileta. Talk about your goals and hopes for the future, revealing the aspects of your life that truly mean the most to you. Allow your date to see what topics excite you and to understand what dreams get you out of bed every morning. Show him what is meaningful to you, and then find out what ignites the same passion in his world.