Top Compliments for Men

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Compliments are little gifts of love that bring happiness to both the giver and the receiver. Men need to feel loved and admired just as much as women do. However, most men won’t fish for compliments and may even rebuff early efforts out of embarrassment and modesty. Still, everyone appreciates being told they're the cat's pajamas. While women are accustomed to being told how attractive or special they are, men don’t often get the same royal treatment. Lavish your man with sincere, heartfelt compliments aimed at boosting his self-esteem and his spirits.

Love and Affection

Tell your man you love him, often and with all of your heart. Remind him how happy he makes you. Text him in the middle of the day, letting him know that you’re thinking of him. Call him at work or in the car on his way home, just to say “I love you.”


Men like to feel strong, respected and successful. If your man works hard every day to pay the bills, let him know his efforts are appreciated. If he’s taken on studying for an advanced degree in school, or gone back to school, or if he’s completing an internship to better himself – make sure you compliment him on his efforts and stick-to-itiveness. Tell him “I’m proud of you.”

You Sexy Thing

Men need to know they've still got it – the ability to make your heart skip a beat, your knees weak and your engine heated. Be direct and specific when you compliment a man on his physique. Let him know you like his strong shoulders, burly chest, cute butt, or rock hard six-pack. If your man has been working out, tell him you notice and appreciate his efforts.

Smarty Pants

Is your man a braniac? Tell him how smart he is. Remind him how good he is at his job. Let him know you think he’s clever, witty and remarkable.

Funny Guy

Tell him he makes you laugh (in a good way). Encourage him to share his own brand of humor. Laugh at his jokes. Listen to his stories. Remind him you think he’s witty and wonderful.

Tough Guy

Men like it when you ask them to open the pickle jar. It makes them feel needed, strong and buff. Let your tough guy know he’s your knight in shining armor.

Pillow Talk

If your man is especially good in bed, make sure you let him know it. Compliment him on special intimate things he does that make your toes curl. If your latest romantic liaison knocked your socks off, tell him how wonderful he makes you feel.

Thank Him

Catch him doing random acts of kindness, both big and small. If he does the dishes for you, brings you a bowl of popcorn, offers to cook dinner or take you out or opens the car door for you, courtesy goes both ways. Let him know you appreciate him by saying “Thank you.”