Tips for Wearing Summer Clothes in the Winter

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When the weather turns cold and the first snowflakes appear, there's no need to get an all-new wardrobe. Instead, save money and take your summer clothing into winter by adding a few snuggly pieces. For deals, check websites and stores during the winter for big discounts on summery apparel, as prices often plummet along with the temperatures.

Swap Out Your Shoes

Summer clothes easily transition into colder months, but some shoes might not make the cut. Instead of light sneakers and ballet flats, pair your summer gear with dependable boots or warmer shoes. Alternatively, stay comfortable with the right add-ons. Thick wool tights or socks paired with summery shoes are ideal during the colder months. Before the snow arrives, cozy tights and sandals are another easy option, as long as your tights are free of reinforcements across the toes.

Adding Top Pieces

Stock up on a few basic pieces to wear with summer clothes so you stay covered and warm when winter arrives. A trim blazer is ideal worn over a tank top, strappy dress or T-shirt. A cozy cardigan works as well, so consider investing in a few styles and colors so you can mix and match. Finally, keep your neck, shoulders and chest warm with a pashmina or another style of scarf meant for wearing indoors.

Layer Underneath

Though tossing a chunky knit cardigan over a tank top or thin shirt is easy and quick, you can get extra mileage on summer faves by layering pieces underneath. Wear a long-sleeve top beneath a spaghetti-strap dress or shirt; instead of tights or nylons, opt for leggings under a skirt. For men, a plain white tee adds an additional layer of heat-trapping warmth under a button-up shirt, and a slip has the same effect for women.

Summer-to-Winter Tips

Layering is key to taking summer clothes into winter, but "Glamour" magazine advises against wearing more than three layers at a time, which can look bulky and awkward. If you're going to wear pretty summer footwear when the weather turns, treat it with a protecting product to avoid ruining your favorite shoes or sandals. Accessories, like scarves, hats and faux-fur collars, are also ideal for staying warm; but don't wear them all at once, or your outfit will look cluttered.