How to Sunbathe in Winter

Austria, Damuels, senior man relaxing in deckchair on sun deck in winter landscape


You're known for your lovely bronzed skin during the summer, but during the winter you tend to grow pale and sallow. You may also get a little depressed during the winter, suffering from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, there are ways to sunbathe during the winter to ease depression and get a little color to your skin.

Take where you live into consideration. If you live in various areas of California, Florida, Arizona or Texas, it's probably warm enough for you to sit out and sunbathe. If you live in a colder climate, you may have to wait until it's warmer out.

Consider getting very cold. Snow is a great reflector, which is why many people get sunburns during the winter. Put your bathing suit on, lay a chair out onto the snow and shiver for about 5 minutes a day. See if that helps you get the sun you want.

Think about taking walks. A simple half an hour walk can keep you warm but expose your face to sunlight. Even this can bring some color to your cheeks and help fight SAD.

Use a sunroom. A sunroom is a patio surrounded by glass. If the glass isn't UV treated you can lie in this room and get a nice tan.