What Are Sock Liners?

MRaust/iStock/Getty Images

Fashion-savvy active gear starts with the feet, and sock liners are the first step. A thin hosiery worn under regular socks, this additional layer of footwear helps to prevent friction and reduce moisture. Sock liners are ideal for preventing painful blisters that can be caused by rubbing of the skin during extended walking, hiking and sports activities.

Layers of Protection

Sock liners are the smart choice to wear during strenuous activities such as hiking, and a good addition whenever additional volume is needed for a comfortable fit in your favorite shoe or boot. Made of synthetic materials such as polyester, sock liners wick moisture away from the skin and to the next layer of fabric, or outer sock. This protective layer helps evaporate sweat and moisture to keep the feet dry and stop chafing. By preventing blisters, sock liners help keep you cool, comfortable and in the game.